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Debugging CSS

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  1. Scott says:

    In the demo, the boxes with “space” and “round” values do not repeat the background image in Chrome. I guess that’s where the false positive comes from – it’s obviously recognising the value in some respect because it’s doing something different to the default.

    I wonder if these values are all that useful in real situations? I haven’t seen many occurrences of single-image repeating backgrounds, only tileable images like stripes, noise, textures etc.

  2. Yo says:

    Your examples work on page in Chrome 13.0.782.112
    So I guess it’s only FF5 which doesn’t support these.

  3. Nice, but when even Firefox and Chrome don’t support it, they are pretty useful right now (you remember, otherwise everybody loves to say that about Internet Explorer ;) ).

  4. Luke says:

    “Yes, hell has frozen over”

    some css gimmick doesnt make IE a better browser… it just means, they rather focus on b**s**t than make important things work… (because they just cannot)

  5. johnbmull says:

    Backgrounds are displaying as described on my iPad 1.0 using Atomic web browser. Just an FYI.

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