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You can contact me using the form below. I will respond to most queries sent through this form, usually within a few hours, but possibly up to 48 hours, depending on when you send the request.

Before you send a question or comment, please read this article and the following:

  • I DO NOT publish guest posts on this site
  • I DO NOT update old articles with recommended links from random readers.
  • If you want to purchase advertising, please send details on what you want to advertise, and which ad spot you want. Don’t send me a vague “I’d like to advertise” email that I know is nonsense because you really want to buy text links.
  • You can also inquire about advertising on Web Tools Weekly, my newsletter that goes out to about 11,000 subscribers.
  • I don’t do link exchanges or other superficial SEO stuff
  • Product reviews on this site are very rare, however if you have a product or service that would be of interest to web designers or developers, I would be happy to look at it; I have written product reviews for other sites, so that’s a possibility
  • If you’ve written a script or other “tool” for front-end developers, you can submit it for inclusion in my weekly newsletter Web Tools Weekly. I also do paid reviews for Web Tools Weekly, details on the site.

I don’t mean for the above to sound rude or arrogant, I’m just trying to save both of us some time. But thank you for your interest, I respond to all legitimate communication made through this form.