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10 Conference Videos for Front-End Developers

Here’s a collection of videos that I’ve stumbled across in recent months.

I haven’t watched all of them, but they’re on my current to-watch list and what better way to remind myself to watch them than to blog them. Enjoy.

Breaking Good Habits (Harry Roberts)

“Solving the right problems for the right people; looking at how some of our so-called best practices hinder, rather than help.”

Direct link | Slides

Learning to Love JavaScript (Alex Russell)

I like this one because he discusses JavaScript’s “core concepts”, which is great for beginners, but also great for those who already know how to program but are just learning JavaScript.

Direct link | Slides

Writing Maintainable JavaScript (Andrew Dupont)

“Learn about a handful of strategies you can use to keep your JavaScript codebase lean, modular, and flexible.”

Direct link

Progressive Enhancement 2.0 (Nicholas Zakas)

Contrary to recent drama, I am a huge proponent of progressive enhancement and providing some level of support for every browser, which Zakas discusses here.

Direct link | Slides

The CSS3 Experience (Dan Cederholm)

Direct link | A feed apart page

How Browsers Work Internally (Tali Garsiel)

“The rendering of the web site is not a single action by the browser, but a set of small updates and constant reactions to interactions.”

Direct link | Slides

CSS Preprocessors (Jonathan Verrecchia)

“Front-end engineer Jonathan Verrecchia will demonstrate the power of CSS preprocessors and explain why he believes these are a game changer for front-end development.”

Direct link | Slides

Javascript Development Workflow of 2013 (Paul Irish)

“We’re seeing the emphasis shift from valuing trivia to valuing tools.”

Direct link | Slides

The Web Can Do That!? (Eric Bidelman)

“This session will walk you down the bleeding edge of HTML5 [and CSS3] for 2012 by focusing on in-depth techniques, which solve real world challenges.”

Direct link | Slides

Build Anything (Remy Sharp)

“We’re at a point in technology with browsers where we have this web stack where we can actually build anything we want to.”

Direct link | Slides

Got Any Others?

Any presentations on HTML/CSS/JS that you’ve personally enjoyed this summer? Please share so I can add them to my watch list.

7 Responses

  1. Lavabeams says:


    I’ve been watching the Google I/O videos recommend both “The Web Can Do That” as well as “Breaking the JavaScript Speed Limit with V8”.

    However breaking the JavaScript Speed Limit gets a bit more technical into what V8 actually does with the JS.

  2. Sean says:

    Theres a Doug Crockford one “JavaScript & Metaperformance” from Velocity on youtube which is great

  3. AnnaBelle says:

    Good article! Here is found another excellent selection of videos about node.js, html5, css3 worth to see –

  4. Jon says:

    These are really awesome, I’ve just finished the first one and bookmarked this page for the rest! Thanks for collecting them all in one place.

  5. Fotis says:

    This post needs like buttons!!!!!
    Amazing collection. Thanks.

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