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A Revolutionary Blog Post

Is it just me? Or does it seem as though every new modern hipster-tinged app, device, or innovation is dubbed as “revolutionary”? I like the word, I really do. But it needs to be reserved a little more for times when it really does mean something.

The word is probably in most minds associated with the American Revolution, but it actually was in use as a term to characterize social or political changes long before that. In modern times it has a broader, less significant meaning. But I think it’s now been watered down far too much due to overuse.

I think it’s cool when we use a historical term to encapsulate what we are doing as creatives. But when every new product that gets released is described as “revolutionary”, the term loses its value and impact.

Yes, some of these products have impacted our lives, our productivity, and sometimes even our overall health and well-being. But in most cases, using that word becomes nothing more than mind-bait (that is, “link bait” for the mind). The word draws you in, it makes you feel warm and cozy, as if buying the product is going to make you part of something almost religious. But, truthfully, it’s become nothing more than a cheesy tag line incorporated to increase sales. And, as has been pointed out before, Apple might be the guiltiest party, having, well, revolutionized the use of the term.

So what’s the solution? Be truthful when marketing what your product seeks to accomplish. Yes, we all want our thing to be the next big thing. But your product will only be revolutionary if such is the end result, not if it’s in your body copy.

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