Another Redesign for Impressive Webs

Another Redesign for Impressive WebsI don’t know how many times I’ve redesigned this site over the past 4 years, but here’s another one, just launched this morning.

Layout-wise, there’s nothing really all that different. It’s more of a different skin than anything, and (out of sheer laziness) the comments and footer area have pretty much remained the same. Basically, I got tired of the dull looking header/sidebar in the previous design and wanted something cleaner and with a little more color.

Here are some notes of things I changed and things I’m still working on:

  • A simple new logo that allows more room for the main nav
  • Went with the (admittedly) overused but beautiful League Gothic for nav and headings
  • Switched to a serif body font
  • Using faux columns, but it’s responsive
  • I will be testing on iPad later today, but generally it should be okay on there, I just haven’t looked yet
  • Smaller mobile devices should likewise be acceptable, but probably far from perfect
  • The navigation now includes a link called “Worth a Look” which is the Roundups & Resources category
  • Eventually, the main navigation will have a “Screencasts” link, which I’ve been wanting to do more of but haven’t gotten around to
  • I was all set to use indented paragraphs with no double spacing, but there were just too many things I didn’t like about that style for the current content

There are probably various bugs and font/alignment inconsistencies that I haven’t spotted yet, so if you notice anything, please let me know.

21 Responses

  1. Brett:

    Looks great guys

  2. Umesh Gohil:

    Well this is not that attractive as last one.
    Last one was more prominent with colors.

  3. Nate:

    Nice redesign. I was a fan of the last one, but this is a bit cleaner. It’s funny how the need to redesign my portfolio consumes me every few months or so. I can relate.

  4. Cuteness Overload:

    Well, I guess this one looks quite lighter and less… contrast-y than the old one, huh? I’m not much of a fan of the serif body fonts, especially on computer screens. A dash of blue helped a lot in keeping it fresh, no?

  5. I like the new design guys, I was getting bored of the old design too, the typeface was a bit 1991! really like the colours and I see you’re embracing the trend for using really large type in your headings. Not sure about he textured background in the head though – its a bit too large to tile well in a thin area, I think something smaller would liik better – but thats just me.

    • I guess I could reduce the size of the repeating texture for the header. But it didn’t really bother me that much. Thanks, I’ll think about it. :)

  6. Ana:

    I like the header background – first thing I did was to check whether it was an image or a CSS pattern :)

    • I considered that, but I think it’s a little too complicated at this stage. Using a repeating image, I think, will never go out of style. It’s just too simple. Maybe someday if gradient syntax is down to one line of code.

    • Looking Nice web redesigning is the best option redesign your old look to new look . its great.

  7. Well, great responsive webdesign. But the footer is a bit to looong.

    • Yeah, the footer is almost exactly the same as it was, simply because I was too lazy to redesign it. I will eventually change it, but because I don’t currently have a online spot that focuses on my own side projects and writing, I will likely keep it pretty big.

      It’s not like it’s distracting or anything, being totally out of the way, below the fold and below all content.

  8. Scott:

    Great effort, I really like this much more than the previous drab grey affair :)

    Only thing I wonder about is full site name isn’t visible, only “IW” in the logo. Obviously it’s in the domain name and title element but I would expect it to be clearer on the actual page.

    • Removing the site name was a conscious decision. I want to focus on the content, letting that be the branding. I don’t think it adds anything to the design to have the big words “Impressive Webs” in the header. Plus, this way it leaves much more room in the header for the main nav, which I plan to expand.

  9. congrats
    love it ☻

  10. steve:

    It looks great, although the comments section is pretty badly squashed on my phone if its more than a couple of replies down.

    also, when typing this comment, I’m forced to the bottom of the screen and can’t see what I’m typing.. could just be a HTC quirk.

  11. Great redesign Louis, it definitely continues with the subtle look the last one was trying to achieve, but with much better results. About the minimalist header, I’m a fan of the site, have it bookmarked, so the lack of name isn’t a issue. But i’d like to see how that works out for new visitors (a post-redesign analysis maybe?).

    I must say, the typography treatment makes this blog one of the easiest to read around the web, props!

  12. You have provided interesting thoughts in website designing. We can get the more benefit from user sides by new and innovative look of websites.

  13. Really like the new web design, very easy to navigate and looks great.

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