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IDs Will Not Make Your Documents More Semantic

Stack of BooksBefore I get into the meat of this post, I’ll just provide some context. Last week, Harry Roberts posted a fantastic article discussing his view of bad CSS. In that article, as he’s done before, he disourages the use of IDs as selectors.

In response, Jeffrey Zeldman tried to defend the use of ID selectors. I posted a few comments in response to Jeffrey and another commenter, explaining why their views were wrong.

CSS Specificity Should Be (Mostly) Irrelevant

CSS Specificity Should Be IrrelevantThere have been numerous articles written by some very reputable people discussing the topic of CSS specificity.

I think it’s great if a CSS developer wants to learn the ins and outs of specificity, because it is an important aspect of how CSS works. But I’m going to put forth an argument here that CSS specificity is quite overrated and, in fact, learning about CSS specificity has the potential to degrade the quality of your code.