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Audio Comments on Blogs — Now That’s a Great Idea!

Audio CommentsI was reading an interesting article on Boagworld called The biggest ecommerce lies and how to avoid them and I noticed that the author posted an audio comment to respond to some of the other comments that had been posted.

What a fantastic idea. I don’t know if he’s the first one to do this, but I think it’s a great way to respond to a number of comments quickly without cluttering the comments section on your blog. Of course, some preparation would be required initially to set up something like that. Or maybe he’s using a plugin? I really don’t know, but I thought it was very innovative and could be a trend that others may follow. It’s certainly a great way to personalize your blog.

So, watch out for audio comments, coming to a blog near you! Maybe audio embedding does have a future on the web.

13 Responses

  1. Scott Madden says:

    This is a very interesting concept as a developer it intrigued me so much that i couldn’t resist in checking it out further i was able to find a wordpress plug in that does this. anyone that is interested can find it here

    You can add a Webcam Comment or an Audio-only Comment you can check out a working example here

    I don’t know about every one else but I plan on using this somewhere.

  2. Joe says:

    I like the concept and the plugin. Does anybody do video comments. Video seems to be the big thing right now.

  3. Linda says:

    This is a great idea. Even your resume can be a video now…

  4. Thanks buddy Great post & I like it.

  5. Huken says:

    That’s a good idea :)

  6. Kepy says:

    Unless the replies author is making are just for his own fun…

    Audio comments may spare you time, but from SEM/SEO point of view, they may not add so much value…

  7. I see this getting very popular with larger blogs that can afford the file storage and bandwidth.

    I will have to checkout the plugin mentioned though, seems I may give this a try.

  8. Tom says:

    Thanks for the interesting idea! It would be good to use thsi innovation for my writing service. You’re right, maybe this audio embedding will become a trend in the future.

  9. I dont think thar audio comments is very usefull stuff – listen all the coments take a very big peace of time

  10. MOW says:

    This is another innovative idea but if it is a big audio blog..what about the file size? Will it be able to download?

  11. Belaragoth says:

    I don’t write english very well (i’m french) but i try. I think it’s a bad idea. I’m deaf, i love internet because i can read everything. If you add audio, the deafs will cry. When i was a child, it was anything for us. I didn’t understand the news from tv. The web is a savor for us. Please don’t add audio.

  12. payday says:

    I loved the editorial. It is very interesting. Thank you for the information. I will be back.

  13. A very nice concept. I checked out the plugin – seems outdated now that WordPress 3.0 has come out. There must other easier ways to achieve the same thing.

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