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Book Giveaway: The Book of Ruby

This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Kristof Claes for winning The Book of Ruby.

Book Giveaway: The Book of RubyI was unsure of what to write about this week and then I remembered that I had been meaning to post something to promote and give away a hard copy of a book that No Starch Press was kind enough to give me for free.

Below I’ll give you some simple instructions on how you can win my brand new copy of The Book of Ruby by Huw Collingbourne. You’ll never believe what you have to do to qualify for this one! (Note the sarcasm.) But first, a description of the book.

What’s The Book of Ruby?

Below is part of the description from the book’s page on No Starch Press:

Ruby is famous for being easy to learn, but most users only scratch the surface of what it can do. While other books focus on Ruby’s trendier features, The Book of Ruby reveals the secret inner workings of one of the world’s most popular programming languages, teaching you to write clear, maintainable code.

You’ll start with the basics—types, data structures, and control flows—and progress to advanced features like blocks, mixins, metaclasses, and beyond. Rather than bog you down with a lot of theory, The Book of Ruby takes a hands-on approach and focuses on making you productive from day one.

Contest Requirements

Here are the requirements to qualify to win:

#1. Tweet a link to this post
You have to tweet a link to this article to qualify. If you don’t do Twitter, then you don’t qualify. If you don’t know how to find the URL for this post, then I really don’t think this book is for you. :)

The tweet must have the phrase “Book Giveaway: The Book of Ruby” in it and it must have a direct or shortened link to this post.

#2. Post a Comment With a Link to Your Tweet
After you tweet a link to this post, you need to prove that you did this by linking to your tweet. Post a link to your tweet in the comments section below (only one entry allowed per person). If you can’t figure out how to find a direct link to a single tweet, then, again, I must say that this book will probably be a little too much for you. :)

#3. Use a Valid Email Address in Your Comment
If you win, I have to be able to contact you to get shipping info, so please use a real email address. If you mistype your address then you won’t qualify.

(Cheap) Shipping is on Me

This is a hard copy version of the book, so naturally I will have to ship the book to the winner. I will pay the shipping to anywhere in the world but I reserve the right to use the cheapest shipping option, if necessary. Sometimes it’s quite expensive to ship to remote locations, so expect slow shipping unless you’re willing to pay the difference. I live in Canada, so anywhere in North America should be reasonable and fast.

The winner will be a randomly chosen comment that meets all the qualifications mentioned above.

I’ll leave the contest open for exactly two weeks from the date of this post. Now get tweeting!

52 Responses

  1. Kenley says:!/henshinger/status/167592275927506945

    So far I have a 33% chance of winning. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  2. I would like to win the book.
    I’m starting learning Ruby this year.!/ElvisMiranda/status/167592048277463040

  3. Jason says:

    Would love this book. Going to my first Ruby user group meeting tonight and could do with some Ruby reading material!/irwinj/status/167619488060162048

  4. Thanks for the opportunity. I’ve reading about Ruby and can’t wait to learn more.

    Here’s my tweet:!/nataliav/status/167628010936209408

  5. Ben says:

    I’m sorry to be decreasing everyone else’s odds of winning (really not that sorry though).!/ben_p/status/167691598786863105

    Good luck everyone.

  6. Louis says:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

  7. Brent says:

    Thanks for the chance to with this Ruby book.!/brentrobbins/status/167796674486480896

  8. msankhala says:

    If i win i’ll learn ruby. I was planning since long time to learn this language but not making this in action. If i won i’ll learn. Hope i can win let see this make me learn this or not.!/msankhala/status/167884513001750528

  9. Jeff Carter says:

    I’m a web designer without programming skills, but I wish I had at least some entry level familiarity to be able to tweak things on my own. I see PHP everywhere, but if Ruby is the most popular, how and where is it used? I guess I’ll have to win the book to find out more. ;-)!/Metarazzi/status/168007297770078210

  10. Roberto Ruiz says:

    I would love having this book! thank’s for the chance.!/artificemm/status/169121972314312704

  11. Steve Robillard says:

    Good luck all; my tweet can be seen here:

  12. Excellent idea, and I learned how to link to an individual tweet in the process.
    Time to learn some Ruby!

  13. Pete says:

    I’m excited about learning Ruby!!!/peterbaio

  14. HeriNXI says:

    i’m learning ruby right now and win this book would be great :)!/herinxi/status/171463390580060160

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