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A CSS Book for Beginners

This year I had the pleasure of completing my second book, and the first book that I authored all by myself: Jump Start CSS published by SitePoint.

It’s part of their “Jump Start” series of shorter books that provide an introduction to specific web development and design topics.

Jump Start CSS

Most, if not all, of the readers of this website will not benefit too much from this book, seeing as it’s aimed at absolute beginners in CSS. Nonetheless here is a list of the book’s features:

  • Covers every major aspect of CSS (selectors, specificity, different value types, etc.)
  • Guides you through building a one-page sample website, step by step, teaching new concepts along the way
  • Covers custom web fonts
  • Introduces many new CSS features (transitions, transforms, animations, shadows, media queries, etc.)
  • Introduces responsive web design techniques
  • Includes a final chapter on CSS debugging

So if you happen to be looking for a beginners book on CSS or know someone that does, here are the purchase options:

Two Free Copies!

Naturally, as the author of the book, I’ve been given some complimentary copies and I’m glad to offer a print version to one reader and one E-Package version (EPUB, PDF, MOBI) to another reader.

Jump Start CSS

To get one of these copies, here’s what you can do: Write to me via the contact form on this website and tell me why you’d like a copy of the book. I’ll pick two readers, one for the E-Package version and the other for the print version (which I’ll ship to you anywhere in the world). I’ll give everyone a couple of weeks before I make my decision.

Update (Nov. 25, 2013): Congratulations to Marc and Mike, the winners of the books. Marc is a blind web development student enrolled at the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired so he snagged an e-package version. Mike told me that his wife is trying to learn web development and would prefer to have a print book to help her, rather than just online blogs and whatnot. I thought it was cool that she seems to be fairly new and would especially appreciate the hard copy.

If you’d like a review copy that you can write about on your blog or elsewhere, use the same contact form. I’ll contact SitePoint and see if they’ll give you access to an electronic version.

5 Responses

  1. Al Davis says:

    I’d like to possibly use this book as a text book for my class on Intro to Web Design and Development and would like a printed review copy

  2. Niels says:

    Would love to have a digital or print copy of your book. Pretty soon I get an intern. I think it would be a great book to get him up to speed with CSS :)

  3. Dean Birkett says:

    I’d love a copy – I’m trying to teach my designer girlfriend how to write HTML and CSS, this looks a great starting point to help her on her way!

  4. alex says:

    Thank you for sharing. I guess I’m late in getting my hands on a free copy? Looks great however.. thank you for sharing Louis

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