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CSS E-Book Volume 3: Concepts, Architecture & more

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This e-book is a collection of articles published here on Impressive Webs. These comprise a variety of CSS-related topics including code structure, advanced concepts, and much more.

You can buy all 28 articles as a single easy-to-read PDF e-book for just $3. The e-book has no advertising and no extra promos of any kind.

Table of Contents

(28 articles, 139 pages, PDF format)

  • CSS Terms and Definitions
  • CSS Selectors Defined
  • Give Your CSS Some Room to Breathe
  • Clearing Floats: Why is it Necessary Even in “Modern” Browsers?
  • What’s the Difference Between “:before” and “::before”?
  • Here’s Something Interesting About the CSS Color Property
  • Here’s Something Interesting About CSS Borders
  • Replacing Subtle Flash Animations with CSS3
  • How Do Browsers Render the Different CSS Border Style Values?
  • The Subtleties of CSS3 Transitions
  • Options for Styling Text Links and Hover States
  • Alternative Units for CSS3 Rotation Transforms
  • CSS3 Structural Pseudo-class Expressions Explained
  • Default CSS Display Values for Different HTML Elements
  • When to Avoid the Descendant Selector
  • Quick Tip: Use HTML Comments to Indicate Pseudo-elements
  • Language-wide Features in CSS
  • CSS: The Bad Parts
  • CSS: The Good Parts
  • Creeps and Weirdos in the CSS Spec
  • Dropping -ms- Vendor Prefixes for IE10
  • CSS Things That Don’t Occupy Space
  • CSS Property Ordering: Group Similar? Or Alphabetical?
  • Cross-Browser CSS Development Workflow
  • What Does “width: 100%” Do in CSS?
  • CSS Specificity Should Be (Mostly) Irrelevant
  • Weird CSS Color Names
  • Modular CSS with Media Queries and Sass

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