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Some CSS and HTML5 Slide Decks Worth Checking Out

Here’s a small collection of slide decks that I’ve gathered in recent months. This set is focused on HTML5 and CSS stuff.

CSS Performance


p>CSS Performance
A presentation by Paul Irish using reveal.js. This one discusses a number of performance related topics including reflows, hardware accelerated CSS, selector performance, polyfills, and more.

A Quick Introduction to WAI-ARIA


p>A Quick Introduction to WAI-ARIA
If you’re obsessed with HTML semantics, don’t be. Become obsessed with WAI-ARIA instead. In this presentation, Russ Weakley provides “A quick introduction to WAI-ARIA including a brief history, some examples of Landmark roles and some simple examples of using ARIA in forms.”

Introduction To Bootstrap


p>Introduction To Bootstrap
Twitter’s Bootstrap project is all the rage right now. If you haven’t looked into it yet, this is a nice little introduction by Ariff Azraai.



This slideshow by Jeremy Clarke presents a “don’t-repeat-yourself methodology for creating efficient, unified and Scalable stylesheets”. In it he explains “a simple yet powerful CSS architecture that avoids duplication and increases design consistency by grouping shared properties together rather than redefining them over and over.”

HTML5 History and Terminology


p>HTML5 History and Terminology
More from Paul Irish, this time from a presentation he did at a Smashing Meetup. Hard to describe this one in a single paragraph, but there are tons of little “Ooh, I didn’t know that!” nuggets in this one that chronicle the history of HTML5 and some related terms.

What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design?


p>What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design?
This is a nice introduction to responsive web design by John Polacek. Lots of references in this one, and even if you’re quite familiar with this development technique, it’s well worth checking this out due to the fact that it’s built with the very cool impress.js slidedeck toolkit.

Breaking Good Habits


p>Breaking Good Habits
Harry Roberts is a very vocal proponent of OOCSS and in this presentation, he outlines some of the habits we need to break to help make our stylesheets maintainable, flexible, extensible, and predictable. This was the slidedeck for his talk at Front-Trends 2012.

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