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Front-end RSS Feeds (2020 Edition)

RSS Feeds Back in 2011, Paul Irish posted his personal list of frontend RSS feeds for front-end web developers. It was a great list, but after some time it needed some refreshing.

In 2014 I published my own list of categorized feeds for front-end developers. I cleaned up Paul’s feed list quite a bit and added some new feeds, while splitting the feed up into manageable categories.

Over the past few months I’ve been working on improving on that previous list, drawing on numerous resources, including Šime Vidas’ huge list of feeds.

I’ve now divided the feeds into the following new categories:

  1. The Giants
  2. Multi-author Blogs
  3. Top Front-end Bloggers
  4. More Front-end Bloggers
  5. Hackernoon Tags
  6. Browsers, Engines, etc.
  7. Libraries, Frameworks, etc.
  8. Company & Startup Blogs
  9. Developer & Designer News
  10. Q&A Sites & Forums
  11. YouTube Channels

I’ve excluded some feeds from this list for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The blog/site hasn’t been updated in a long time
  • Posts are very infrequent (e.g. 2 per year or fewer)
  • Too many personal posts and other things that have nothing to do with web development, with no way to filter
  • Too many list posts, sponsored content, etc.
  • Paywalls (e.g. I’ve excluded most Medium feeds)

You can find the full list on GitHub, which includes all the feeds in OPML format. The OPML file can be imported into your feed reader of choice.

I use the paid version of NewsBlur for my feeds, but there are free apps you can use. I find most free readers are limited, so I’ve gone with a paid product.

This is always going to be a work in progress. If you’d like to offer a suggestion for a feed to add to the list, feel free to open an issue on the GitHub repo. Please ensure the feed you recommend is updated fairly regularly. Any recommended feeds should be relevant to front-end developers.

10 Responses

  1. fastunlocker says:

    Looks like a very good list of front end web developers. It will be more suitable me like new comers .

    A well placed and planned article.

  2. David says:

    should we really focus on RSS Feed in 2020?

  3. Alex says:

    This list is simply amazing! Stumbled upon it on Github, using it since then to check on the latest posts from popular frontend bloggers. Thanks!

    For some reason, I didn’t like how it looked in Feedly so I even made a simple auto RSS fetcher on next.js to centralize those feeds there

  4. Amogue says:

    Such a good article very good list of front end web developers but RSS is outdated for 2020.

  5. Mohamed Hussain S H says:

    any good free rss readers available? would u suggest anyone? currently I am using free version of feedly but with limited no of rss sources available

    • After all these years, I’ve learned that if something is crucial to your work or research, then go for a paid app instead. I use NewsBlur. It’s pretty cheap and you can access it from just about any device.

      I’ve tried free RSS readers but couldn’t really find one that I liked that allowed unlimited feeds.

      You can also try what Chris Coyier suggests but I think it’s Mac only and I believe it’s a little cheaper than what I use.

  6. calicustom says:

    I want to know that what is use of RSS feed for SEO, I have a website and I am doing its SEO by myself. If it is helpful then suggest me the use.

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