The Complete Guide to Commenting on Web Design Blogs

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  1. haha, well put straight to bottom line.
    but sometime, post way too long..

    • If the post is way too long then you haven’t appreciated it and understood it fully and therefore would be providing comments, or questions that have been answered or discussed in the bits you didn’t read.

      You can only validly comment on a post you have completed read and understood (unless you haven’t understood it, and are questioning it).

      • Mark:

        I’m sorry but I don’t have time to read this comprehensive guide. What is it about??

  2. Niiice. Sums it up pretty well.

  3. Joe Makala:

    This post was a complete waste of my time…

  4. Haha… pretty much open and shut case… perfectly put, Louis x-)

  5. varunsain:

    The ‘Comment Rules’ at the end made more sense than your article…

    Was funny tho..

  6. seems “impressive enough”

    you could have tweeted this. ^ . ^

  7. Oh yes…..Read and be understand!

  8. dule:

    Read the Whole? What is Whole?

  9. Phil:

    ehm, that’s not just the guide to commenting on design blogs but rather every blog ;-)

  10. Haha. Very intuative, very inspirational, very motivating, just kidding. hahaha.

  11. Yes, this is a very good starting point. Nice typography!!!

  12. Great post Luois :) I wrote it twice to understand what’s happening :)

  13. It is very good article, no doubt.

  14. BWD:

    Its a great post. Thanks!!

  15. so, where is the article?

  16. LemonPro:

    Where is the article? :P

  17. Radu:

    :applauding in agreeance:

  18. haha. yeah, that sums it up!

    Well, it’s not really a guide, but it’s definitely the most important thing. Nice idea for an article!

  19. Jon:

    How do you read a hole?


  20. Tom:

    WOW. You guys rock! This magazine is awesome! Keep it up! Awooosaaam! ;)

  21. Tom:

    Need to correct my previous commnts: will read the whole article later – but so far: great! I agree in all points. One thing: I think you have wrong spelling (could call it typo, since I know) somewhere up there. But otherwise – I enjoyed the read.

  22. *reads the whole post*
    … IDIOT

  23. Idk… sometimes everyone seems to fill their articles with complete bull**** just so they can have a high AVG time on site, go to the bottom, get the gist of the argument/article and I feel I have a firm grasp on it. 90% of the rest of the articles are opinion.

    I’d rather not waste my time.

  24. Lol –> KISS in action… Shouldn’t we also read the comments too? :)

    • Actually, that’s a very good point. But sometimes, it just takes too long to read all the comments, so I personally don’t think that’s always necessary. It just might be good behaviour to mention that you didn’t have time to read all the responses.

  25. Yes this is the truth! :)

  26. TLDNR ;)

    Excellently put!

  27. Ah ah, i did it this time :)
    but sometimes you just want to scan the post and focus on the content which fits your needs…

  28. ahahay thats straight true,

  29. i will bookmark this blog now. In this blog have many information.

  30. IcarusForde:

    Brilliant article! So true. :)

  31. Yes true and it took long time to read this one :)

  32. Belissimo! Perfect article! It’s a very funny. LOL!!!

  33. another_misguided_commenter:

    Awesome WordPress tutorial about threaded comments!

  34. So true – but the best part is all of the “where’s the article” comments : )

  35. Wish all posts were this long :D

  36. You are totally right IHMO, designers need to listen to pop music more often to increase productivity!

    Great article admin!


  37. Whale:

    Some should actually read them twice!

  38. Saurabh Shukla:

    Bang on target.
    I’m jealous.
    I’m sure enough chuckles went into it!

  39. Daniel:

    tl;dr lol

    But seriously you make a good point here. I really dislike it when people post uninformed and sometimes nasty comments because they have missed the point of the article.

  40. Hi!This is awesome guide to comment on web design blog.
    Thanks for reading.

  41. I really appreciate your article!

  42. TwoThumbs! i like it! :)

  43. haha nice idea for an article…. good one

  44. Quickest article read ever! I actually looked twice for the article, then realized that the article was one line! Hilarious!

  45. The Title is good and tell about important of Web design. Can’t see what article is made and i do know how 53 Comments?

    Good work.. Keep it up…

  46. This Blog post is not very Useful. It is waste of time.

  47. Hey I found this article very helpful. This is what I was looking for. Definitely I will bookmark it. Check for mine too.”

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