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Impressive Webs Redesign

Impressive Webs RedesignOver the weekend I rolled out a new “skin” for Impressive Webs, which I think improves the site’s design quite a bit. There’s more contrast, which creates a more distinct experience. And I finally have a logo that I’m satisfied with.

The layout of the site remains virtually the same, so, like I said, it’s not as much of a redesign as a “skinning”. I did change the height of the top navigation bar, and added some new graphics.

The Twitter and RSS icons are taken from the Practika Icon set that was featured on Smashing Magazine earlier this year.

The font for the Impressive Webs logo, as well as the text that goes with the Twitter and RSS icons, is Freestyle Script, created by Martin Wait.

I really wanted to change the whole look and go for something a little riskier, in line with the new blogazine trend, but I think that will have to wait, due to time constraints.

I hope everyone likes the new design. I’m hoping this will inspire me to write more often for my own blog, as I’ve been very busy writing for other sites of late.

8 Responses

  1. This isn’t a deep redesign…

    However it’s better than the old one.

    Good work! ;-)

  2. Kim H says:

    Good work! Sometimes you just don’t need to do a full-on redesign; sometimes just doing a few changes here and there or editing colors is all you need :)

  3. Miroucha says:

    Nice, sometimes you need some makeover work to feel new, different and somehow up to date! good job !

  4. tzc says:

    I like where you are heading but a bit more work is required…

  5. Laurent says:

    it’s clean and it works. What more do people want!

  6. shwetha says:

    Really this is creative and looking like a typical Web 2.0 kind of design. Good job!

  7. sumanth says:

    Defenetily this one is better than the old design. But it should be improved little bit!

  8. Sumanth says:

    The font of the impressive logo is nice.

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