[insert new technology here] is the New [insert old technology here]

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I wanted to tweet this, but it was too long for Twitter so I thought I’d just post it as a short piece for the weekend.

For those who haven’t seen the news announcing changes to the HTML5 spec on the WHATWG blog, be sure to read that and some of the comments.

But the funniest and most brutally honest comment belongs to someone posting under the name “Hamranhansenhansen”. There’s no link to see who that commenter really is, but here’s what they said:

So HTML is the new HTML5, HTML5 is the new AJAX, FlashPlayer is the new Java, MPEG-4 is the new QuickTime, SVG is the new PNG, Facebook is the new AOL, iOS is the new Mac, Android is the new Windows, and WHATWG is the new W3C. Got it!

Thanks to Andrew Mannone who tweeted about it.

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