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Introducing “CSS Basics”

CSS BasicsOver the last couple of weeks I’ve introduced a new link in the main navigation on this site. It’s a new section called CSS Basics.

I’ve wanted to publish info on really basic CSS stuff, because I think web design should be taught at many levels and beginners should especially be informed of the right way to do things.

And frankly, after posting just five articles in that section, from the research I did and the comments people posted, I’ve learned a lot. It’s amazing how you can think you know a subject pretty well, and then you still learn something significant.

The posts on CSS Basics will not appear in the main home page feed nor on the site’s main RSS feed. So if you want to keep up with those posts in your RSS reader, you can subscribe using this URL.

I also would welcome any more experienced CSS developers to offer their input on any of the posts there, to ensure that what I’m teaching is best practice and technically correct.

I’ll probably update that section of the site 1-3 times per week, which is roughly what I do on the main feed too. Enjoy.

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