JavaScript & DOM Tips, Tricks, and Techniques E-Book (No. 3)

This e-book package is a collection of 54 tips and techniques, plus three long-form articles, each originally published in individual releases of Web Tools Weekly, and on Impressive Webs and CSS-Tricks.

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Book Info

  • Number of pages in PDF: 131
  • E-Book formats in package: EPUB, MOBI, PDF
  • Number of tips: 54 + 3 Full Articles/Guides
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Book Contents

  • innerHTML and the DOM
  • Attaching Properties to Functions
  • Using the delete Operator
  • Arguments Aliasing Removed in Strict Mode
  • parentNode
  • The form Property on Input Elements
  • getComputedStyle() for Fonts
  • HTML Comments in JavaScript
  • Optional Parameters for Window.setTimeout()
  • history.back with iframes
  • Understanding the Callstack
  • Tips on Using const
  • The for…of Loop
  • ES6 String Methods
  • String.repeat()
  • Nested Template Literals
  • Using function.length with the Rest Operator
  • SEO-Friendly Ajax States
  • Objects in ES6
  • The Comma Operator
  • ES6 Object Destructuring
  • Destructuring Assignment
  • ES6 Object Destructuring with Nested Objects
  • ES6 Array Destructuring
  • Array Destructuring Swap
  • Destructuring in Function Arguments
  • ES5 Multi-line Strings
  • Computed Object Properties in ES6
  • ES6 Sets
  • More Tips on Using ES6 Sets
  • Array.of() in ES6
  • Array.from() in ES6
  • Array.from Map Function
  • Array.from() and the Optional this Value
  • Array.find() and Array.findIndex()
  • ESx Naming vs. ES20xx Naming
  • A Simple Introduction to Closures in JavaScript
  • HTML Collections
  • DOM Scripting on Malformed or Invalid HTML
  • A Little-known Fact About Hoisting
  • Getting the Value of a Selected Radio Button
  • The querySelector() Single-Byte Trick
  • Triggering a Click Event
  • The focusin and focusout Events
  • Intro to ES6 Modules
  • More on ES6 Modules
  • Importing a Full Module
  • Renaming Module Exports
  • JavaScript Errors and the Error Object
  • Some Facts on ES6 Arrow Functions
  • Default Exports in ES6 Modules
  • An Intro to the Page Visibility API
  • Using document.domain for Cross-origin Requests
  • What is JSON? An Introduction and Guide for Beginners (12 Sub-headings)
  • Using Default Parameters in ES6 (6 Sub-headings)
  • An Introduction and Guide to the CSSOM (16 Sub-headings)

All tips originally appeared in individual issues of Web Tools Weekly and on Impressive Webs and CSS-Tricks. Purchase is done directly via PayPal

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