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jQueryTOOn March 2nd and 3rd, I attended and had the privilege of speaking at jQueryTO, Canada’s first ever jQuery conference. It was a really cool experience, and was especially cool because I finally got to meet in person certain developers that I’ve respected from afar for some time, including Darcy Clarke (who organized it), Paul Irish, Addy Osmani, Alex Sexton, and Adam J. Sontag.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile now, then you know that I have little, if any, business speaking at a JavaScript conference. So I tried to keep things fairly simple for myself and proposed a talk where I could focus largely on CSS.

The conference didn’t have any official recording going on, thus any footage of the talks is rare and not great quality. So for archival purposes, I’ve recorded my own talk with slides as a screencast, embedded below. I did the screencast from memory, and my actual talk probably went a lot smoother than this screencast, so forgive some of the stutter-filled moments in this one. :)

A lot of what’s in this talk is stuff I’ve blogged about here and elsewhere, meaning it’s nothing ground-breaking for most of my readers. But it was a nice way to get my feet wet in the conference speaking arena.

In addition to the screencast, I’ve also embedded the slides from Speaker Deck and included all the links referenced in the slides.

These links start after the intro where I briefly cover who I am, etc:

Links from the start of the presentation (“Who is This Guy?”):

Image credits:

If you want footage, slides, or notes from any of the other talks:

4 Responses

  1. randev:

    Cool stuff, thanks for going to the trouble of re-recording it!

    However, it would have been nice to include image credits (i.e. mentioning or linking to the respective source).

  2. Mark:

    Awesome thanks for this. Some more stuff to dig into and learn.

  3. First of all congratulations to you for the participation in this high-level meeting with great developers. I have seen your shared slides and no doubt these are amazing and that work seems your perfection and professionalism in this field.

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