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My First Smashing Magazine Article

My First Smashing Magazine ArticleTo my pleasant surprise, although today did not start out as a good day for me, things certainly picked up when I discovered that Smashing Magazine published an article that I submitted to them about a week and a half ago.

I’ll explain a little about my experience, but first, here is the link:

Unique TV Series Episodes That Inspire Creativity

They seem to have left out the “10” in the title, although the URL still displays it, so it must have been a last-minute change. It was nice to see Vitaly Friedman, one of SM’s owners, build it up on twitter. And I’m glad they took a chance on such a different article. Vitaly is very encouraging and helpful, it was a very good experience, not long and drawn out at all. Of course, I was a bit surprised that it happened, because he didn’t even notify me! :o)

The article idea came to me not too long ago, and I thought it would be perfect for SM, because they will once in a while post something a little different.

It was difficult researching it, because there were virtually no sources for this type of thing. I only found one article (thanks to a friend!) that talked about unique TV episodes, but other than that I had to go by some intense Googling and some brain-racking to recall unique shows I had seen in the past. Wikipedia and were a big help. I wish I could have had screen caps from the episodes, but that was just next-to-impossible without spending a ton of money on 10 different DVDs, some of which weren’t even available!

All in all, it was a fun experience, and I hope to submit more stuff to their awesome website. Please share the post if you like it, and vote in the poll that appears at the bottom of the article.

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