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New Book: Learning CSS3 Animations

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of assisting as a technical reviewer for a book published by Pearson Education called Learning CSS3 Animations and Transitions.

The book is authored by Alexis Goldstein who also co-authored HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World with Estelle Weyl and me.

Learning CSS3 Animations and Transitions

Below is the chapter list for Alexis’ new book:

  1. Working with CSS3 Animations
  2. Building a Foundation with Transforms
  3. Animating Elements with Transitions
  4. Keyframe Animations
  5. Creating 3D Effects with Parallax Scrolling
  6. Adding Depth with 3D Transforms
  7. Animating 2D and 3D Transforms
  8. Using Transitions and Transforms to Animate Text
  9. Building Flash-Style Animations with Keyframe Animations
  10. Creating Animated Infographics
  11. Building Interactive Infographics

Overall, this is a very thorough coverage of CSS-based animations. Other sub-topics include animation-related tools, using Modernizr, hardware acceleration, animation performance, and lots more.

Who is the Book For?

The book is aimed at beginner to intermediate level developers who have a foundation in front-end development, but maybe haven’t delved too deeply into animation related stuff.

I like the concept of the book because it tries to cover a single topic, rather than going into many different directions like our previous book did. I don’t recall hearing about another book that covered only CSS animations, so this one seems to be unique in that way.

Practical Example Code and Demos

The book walks the user through the creation of a number of different fun and quirky animations, helping cover lots of different animation styles and techniques.

All the example code is available online on a GitHub repo and all the individual demos can be viewed online, which are easy to access if you purchase the e-book version.

So if this looks like something you’d like to get more into, then grab a copy. Here are some purchase links:

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  1. Cool !
    Can I purchase from iTunes ?


    • Yes, but unfortunately, it seems the book is a little more expensive on there (it’s listed at $33.95). I would recommend buying the E-Book version on InformIT ($25.59), which comes with EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats. Then you can just transfer the file to whatever device you want to use.

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