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Screencast: Why HSL Colors are Awesome

Some of you might know that I did a screencast series for that served as a companion piece to the book of the same name that I co-authored.

In that video series, I covered a number of the new CSS3 and HTML5 features, and one in particular that I haven’t written much about on this site is HSL (or HSLA) colors.

Below you’ll find the video originally titled “HSLA Colors”. In the Learnable series, this video is Step 2 of Lesson 7. Enjoy.

Viewing tip: Click the “change quality” icon (next to the “CC” icon) to select “720p HD” quality, and then use full screen. I can’t figure out how to embed YouTube videos in HD.

If something’s wrong with the embed above, here’s a direct YouTube link:

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5 Responses

  1. Natan Shalva says:


  2. Ana says:

    I may be wrong, but I think the embedded player automatically plays the version that is appropriate for its size – in this case, the player is not large enough to display the HD version.

    • You might be right, I’ll have to test that out, thanks. All the methods that I read about that claimed to embed HD never worked for me, which I thought was odd. I guess it would make sense that it needs a minimum size.

  3. Hi Louis – Thanks for featuring my RGBa / HSLa for IE converter in your screencast and for pointing out that bug. I’ve gone in and tweaked it so it doesn’t require the leading 0 anymore.

    • Cool. I probably should have informed you about that a while ago, because I’ve known about it for a while. But it wasn’t too big a deal anyhow. Thanks again for the tool.

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