The Truth About IE10

It doesn’t exist. Now get back to work.

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  1. Clinton Gallagher:

    You tricked me here with nonsense so now you owe me one promotional opportunity to ask other victims to use Twitter and follow @virtualCableTV

  2. Renan:

    Troll of the day! Hauhauha!

  3. Johnny:

    Another truth about IE 10: Although it doesn’t exist (yet), it still sucks!

  4. Eliseu:

    Haha I’m laughing here, and I’m losing my time commenting too!

  5. Rob:

    Oh YES! I’ve been saying that for months!!

    This is the same stuff going around since back in the IE7 days: “IE is great cause the NEXT version can do the same thing every other browser does right now!” Microsoft, and their followers, are ALWAYS pointing to the next version as if everyone was using the next version today and as if today does not exist.

    Thank you!

  6. Sai Lopez:

    LOL … and the truth about IE11: An enormous compilation of patched bugs of IE10

  7. Frank:


    Nonetheless, I think it is disgrace that Microsoft is making it usable only on Windows 7 and up. I have three computers here that I am all perfectly happy with, and none of them has 7. So now I would be forced to buy another computer because otherwise I cannot test the sites I make in IE10?

    Ridiculous! This is nothing less than abuse of power, because FireFox, Opera, Safari en Chrome show that you can even make the latest browser version run under Windows XP!

    I would suggest that we as web developers protest loudly against this vicious Microsoft practice. What do you think?

    • I think Apple are just as bad, with the latest version of Safari being unavailable on 10.5. In fact, so many programs don’t work on 10.5 that I’ve finally given in and upgraded, and OS X 10.5 is more modern than XP.

      To be honest, I actually think it’s a good move. XP is *old* now, and it is time new versions of software no longer supported it.

      • Frank:

        That’s poor then on the side of Apple, too. But Firefox and Google Chrome still show that it is perfectly well possible to have new browsers run on old operating systems. And I’m primarily using Vista, but IE10 doesn’t even run on that. That makes it even more ridiculous.

  8. Zahir Gudiño:

    This is simple the BEST post ever! :D

  9. Lars:

    Awsome post… This really made my day.
    Nice with a good laugh once in a while :)

  10. CodeMonkey:

    IE10 is actually pretty awesome (compared to previous versions). A lot of native HTML5 support and soon it will support non-prefixed CSS. Give it a try before you bash it…

    • I’m not bashing IE10 for its supposed performance. I’m bashing Microsoft for not making it run on Windows Vista and XP, while Firefox and Google Chrome make clear that that is very well possible.

  11. soeb:

    I came here like Microsoft is dropping all the css3 and html5 features from IE10 :-)

  12. ahahahah…. – I’m in vacation!

  13. mihai:

    IE10 just sucks just because the html5 support is so bad and once it’s out it will never get updated (unlike chrome or firefox)

  14. It’s crazyyyy. Make me a smile

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