Web Development and Tech Email Newsletters I Subscribe to

Industry Email Newsletters I Subcribe toTo keep up with the latest news in tech, design, and development, I have a subscription-only email address that I use to subscribe to various industry newsletters.

I obviously can’t read everything in all these sources, but I skim all of them regularly, and read many of the links they refer to.

Update (Aug. 1/2013): I’ve launched my own newsletter: Web Tools Weekly, focused primarily on tools for front-end developers. Blog post about the launch.

Here’s a list, in no particular order:

I also get regular product-related emails from Packt Publishing, MightyDeals, AppSumo, JSMag, Adobe, O’Reilly, iStockphoto, A Book Apart, Dribbble, and some others not related to tech/dev/design.

A few of the above newsletters are a bit spammy, but even the spammy ones occasionally yield an interesting link.

And don’t even get me started on my ridiculously-impossible-to-keep-up-with RSS subscriptions! :)

What Are Yours?

Got any cool design/dev newsletters that you subscribe to? Share.

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25 Responses

  1. You can try Designmodo Newsletter too – http://eepurl.com/lAQ1H

  2. Subscribe to Hey, designer’s newsletter too – http://heydesigner.com

  3. I just started a monthly newsletter that focuses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PhoneGap content on the Adobe Developer Connection. You can sign up here: http://remotesynthesis.us6.list-manage2.com/subscribe?u=231f8aff82a1f82e4d6ab23d8&id=cc957a1e73

  4. BD Mobile Weekly is a newsletter similar to Javascript Weekly or HTML5 Weekly but dealing only with mobile web topics. http://fsm.bdconf.com/bd-weekly-newsletter

  5. oh man.. how many resources!how much information these days ! i wish i had time to read them. :)
    thanks for these useful newsletters!

  6. links for light reading via maxdesign…been reading this for years. it’s superb. sorry, i don’t see where to sign up, i did it years ago, but here’s where they’re saved http://www.maxdesign.com.au/category/news/

  7. Thanks for this very useful list! There’s also the weekly web food the modern web observer from appendTo and a bunch of newsletters from stackexchange sites like programmers, stackoverflow, web security and superuser. I’ve actually compiled all of those in this blog post: How to stay updated as a developer

  8. Here’s another “weekly” one that seems to have flown under my radar:


    Also, I had neglected to mention another one that I subscribe to, the SMACCS newsletter, which I’ve added to the list.

  9. Bob Thulfram:

    Oh, please share your RSS. I’m looking for good RSS on current web design (and programming) topics. Thanks!

  10. Thanks, get these useful links about web dev, great help

  11. Justin Avery:

    Thanks for mentioning responsive design weekly!

    I saw this article because I have you on my list of good RSS feeds to find fresh new content… so thank you again.

  12. I like your list for Web Development and Tech Info; it’s really very valuable informatics information; Thanks for sharing to all, Great job.

  13. Alex:

    Thank you for sharing great resources to learn web design, I used to read responsive design weekly, they provide really great stuff. I hope the other one which I haven’t subscribed to will help me too to learn more and more about web design.

  14. Eric Santana:

    Great list, I follow a few of these already. Since I have gone freelance, I promised myself I would just fill my brain with everything web design/development. So much new content, so little time to read through it all.

  15. Very useful information and help others who are going to read this article post.
    I really like Nettuts+ Email Updates and sitepoint’s newsletter concept.

    Best wishes guys.

  16. Every web designer and developer should subscribe in all these shared technical fields because in this way a designer and a developer can easily learn a bout new techniques and methods.

  17. Very informative and useful list for web designers and developers. These subscription are required to stay updated about new things in the field of web development and design. You can some or all of them gain more and more knowledge in your field.
    Thanks Louis for sharing such a great post!!

  18. My favorite newsletter is Jobety. It provides a weekly newsletter for Web Design, Development and Freelance jobs.

    I’d also recommend Web Design Weekly.

  19. Niki:

    These are few top notch resources for web design. Smashing Magazine and WebProNews is on top of my list. Thanks for sharing with us.

  20. Hi, nice post! Here’s another newsletter I’d like to suggest: https://frontend.buzz/

  21. Might I recommend checking out HackingUI as well.

    It’s a weekly email with articles about design, front-end development, technology, startups, productivity and the occasional inspirational life lesson. Not to be missed.

  22. Alex:

    Thanks for your information, it helps me a lot.

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