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Due to the prevalence of ad-blockers, ads as a means to support online content is becoming a less effective method with each passing month.

Selling ads on a blog like this one is not easy, and resorting to backfilling missing ad-spots with ugly Google Ads is less than satisfying. I hope I can one day remove all ads from this website and still continue to produce content regularly.

To begin the process of reaching that goal, I’ve put together 3 CSS E-Books in PDF format containing a collection of CSS-based articles that I’ve published here on this website. Below are links to view a description and table of contents for each e-book:

You also have the option to purchase all three e-books in a single package:

The three e-books combined contain 83 articles totalling 384 pages, with no ads or extra promos of any kind.

You can purchase each book from its individual page linked above. For quick access, below are the “buy” links for each purchase:

Buy CSS E-Book Volume 1 ($2)

Buy CSS E-Book Volume 2 ($3)

Buy CSS E-Book Volume 3 ($3)

Buy All 3 CSS E-Books ($7)

In each case, the purchase is done through Pulley (very easy to set up!) which is connected directly via PayPal, so there is no middle page between here and the PayPal transaction. Pulley’s system will then email you a link to download the purchased e-book.

Just a Way to Show Your Support

As mentioned, all the content in these e-books is freely available online right here on Impressive Webs. You’re more than welcome to search for any one of those articles via Google and read them for free at any time.

But you can look at this as a way to support this website while getting something in return — a clean, easy to read, ad-free version of my CSS content. I’m using this not only as a way to support Impressive Webs but also to support my newsletter Web Tools Weekly, which I hope I can produce ad-free in the future.

Eventually, I would like to have all my web-learning properties ad-free so I can pursue other less intrusive means of content production.

Thanks to everyone for your support and readership.

20 Responses

  1. Jan says:

    I’d say that this is a great idea. Personally, i always love to make a small donation to a great author and his website, especially if he is trying to avoid ads.

    Maybe you want to consider adding a tiny donation/flickr/whatever button to your entries :)

  2. Nice Book’s :) and İt’s Cheap.

  3. Daniel Brown says:

    Thanks for the great resources!

    The $7 is a small price to pay for the great WebTools emails so the awesome e-Book content is just a great bonus.

  4. caspian says:

    Got my copies :)

  5. Yannis Steriotis says:

    Got my copy of 7!

    I have one request. Can you make the bundle an e-pub so it’s
    more readable in an ipad??

    • Thanks for your support, Yannis — Το εκτιμώ! :)

      As for EPUB, I looked into that, but it was going to be too difficult to convert all the content to acceptable formatting that works with EPUB. Also, I don’t have much experience yet with creating E-Books, so it’s still something I’m researching. The thing is, all this content was already written, so it was just much easier to literally copy and paste all of it into a Word Doc and convert it to PDF, after making some minor edits and layout fixes.

      I like EPUB too, it’s much better on mobile devices, but that will have to wait until my next book project, which I have in the planning stages but haven’t begun yet. I’m hoping it will be ready by Spring. :)

      Thanks again!

      • Yannis Steriotis says:

        I understand! The pdf also looks great in my ipad but it’s always better for reading and annotating in epub.
        I look forward for your next project!

        Η χαρά μου να βλέπω Έλληνες να πρωτοστατούν στο παγκόσμιο γίγνεσθαι του web development είναι απεριόριστη και μου δίνει ένα επιπλέον κίνητρο στην προσπάθεια που κάνω να μάθω και να πετύχω σε αυτόν τον υπέροχο κλάδο! Σ’ευχαριστώ επίσης και να είσαι πάντα καλά!

  6. Luan Nguyen says:

    Thanks @WebToolsWeekly!

    This books is awesome! keep working and waiting for next ebooks!

  7. Marvin Nunez says:

    Im only 8 months into the world of web design and while Ive picked up plenty of things in such a short amount of time, the hardest part has always been “where do I start?” There a tons of websites, blogs, books, but you cant exactly try to read them all, plus when you’re on the job, you have to search, learn, and create on the go.

    By mere coincidence, in one of my searches, I came across your vertical slider (https://github.com/impressivewebs/vertical-news-slider). Ive studied your code (granted im a complete NOOB in JS), studied the comments, tried to follow, and fiddled with your work. (great job btw)

    From there I followed you to impressivewebs.com and started reading some of your posts. I like your style, very easy to follow, and I dont know, you just seemed “cool”. Ive bought your PDF bundle for starters and will look into some of your recommended readings as well. Subscribed to your newsletter and..well, I hope to make your blog a place of education for myself. Thank you for putting all this together.

  8. lola says:

    I am starting to learn html and css and I really like your website. I saw that you have everything in the books so I was so happy to find out I can read everything offline. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I got all 3 of them! You should make a html series

  9. Hello, I’m from Brazil, I’m interested in acquiring your ebooks, it would be possible in an opportunity to create a link to buy the complete package (03 ebooks css + 1 ebook JS).
    [ ],s

    • That’s actually a good idea. I just created a single package for you, which you can buy for $15 at this link:


      Please note that this includes 2 JS e-books. So you get all 3 CSS e-books ($7 value) plus 2 JS e-books ($10 value) for $15 total ($2 less than if you buy them separate). I hope that works for you.

  10. I would love to buy but do you have a payment option other than PayPal?

  11. Nice Book’s :) and İt’s Cheap.

  12. This books is awesome! keep working and waiting for next ebooks!

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