Roundups & Resources

These posts consist of collections of links, docs, guides, tools, toolkits, libraries, GitHub repos, etc. that are of interest to front-end developers.

Responsive Ads Link Dump

Link Dump on Responsive AdsWhether we like it or not, ads on the web (in some form) aren’t going anywhere. And because of the responsive web design movement, more and more discussions are taking place surrounding how to handle ads (especially large ones) at certain breakpoints.

In addition, some developers have suggested new methods for creating ads using HTML and CSS, instead of images. Some have even incorporated animation with CSS3.

Books, Podcasts, and More for Front-End Developers

Some Podcasts and Other Resources for Front-End DevelopersHere’s a short list of some resources that front-end developers might be interested in checking out. A few interesting podcasts here along with some books and a weekly newsletter.

Comment if you know of or have authored any other sources, and I’ll consider them for future posts.

jQuery/JavaScript Tools and Plugins Worth Checking Out

jQuery/JavaScript Tools and Plugins Worth Checking OutSure, recently I mocked the fact that our industry is inundated with scripts, boilerplates, libraries, and frameworks. But that was just a light-hearted look at the state of our industry. I still think there are tons of tools that are valuable and worth knowing about for front-end developers.

So here’s another list of tools and other goodies that might be of interest to JavaScript developers.

Some Useful Docs and Guides for Front-End Developers

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Some Useful Docs and Guides for Front-End DevelopersMy “saved for later” link lists are getting bigger, so I thought I’d post another one of these little roundups. This time, I’m mostly focusing on some interesting guides and docs that I’ve found recently.

As always, I can’t necessarily vouch for the quality and accurateness of all of these sources, but they are all certainly worth a glance. Enjoy.

Some JavaScript Resources for Web App Developers

A Few JavaScript Resources for Web App DevelopersI’ve been bookmarking quite a few guides, docs, and other resources, some of which I thought I’d share here. (Oh and when I say “bookmarking”, I mean saving to a text file. I’m so high tech, dude.)

In particular, if you’re developing large-scale JavaScript-driven applications, some of these might be useful for you. Beginners be warned: Most of these are uber-intense, so not for the faint of heart. Nonetheless, I think beginners can still learn a few things despite the high-level of most of this information.

Roundup of HTML-Based Slide Deck Toolkits

Roundup of HTML-Based Slide Deck Toolkits & LibrariesI recently looked into some options for building a slideshow presentation for display in the browser. While there are options like Slideshare and Speaker Deck that let you upload your slides in PowerPoint or PDF format to convert them to online slides, there are also a ton of options for libraries, toolkits, and APIs that let you create your own non-Flash, full screen, responsive presentations.

Usually these presentations are HTML5-based, use JavaScript and/or jQuery, and often require a modern browser. But some of them are simpler and offer deeper browser support. Here’s a list of all of the ones I’ve been able to find, with a brief description of each.