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Weekend Fun

Diversity in Sports: Still an Issue in 2013?

Girl in Blue Jays shirtA colleague today mentioned the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays — a much improved team compared to what was fielded in 2012. It’s owned and operated by Rogers Blue Jays baseball Partnership, a division of Rogers Communications

I opened up their website and scanned through it, quite excited by the upcoming season and the game schedule. It was only when I clicked through to their team roster that I saw this:

Ancient Cringe-worthy Posts on Your Favourite Web Design Blogs

Ancient Cringe-worthy Posts on Your Favourite Web Design BlogsI think everyone should be willing to look back at their older work and laugh and realize how far they’ve come. Even the best designers, developers, and bloggers have past work that they cringe at today. Heck, I cringe at stuff I wrote six months ago!

So with the help of and WordPress’s easy-to-navigate paging system, I thought it would be fun to cause a whole bunch of people tons of embarrassment by rounding up some of the earliest articles I could find on various popular web design blogs. Enjoy.

Weird CSS Color Names

Weird CSS Color NamesWe all know that CSS colors can be declared using hex, RGB, RGBA, HSL, and HSLA. But colors in those forms are not very memorable (unless they’re greys or something).

While I’m sure we all know that common colors like red, green, blue, etc. can be declared by name, CSS has quite a few not-so-conventional color names. Here are a bunch, with their colors represented as backrounds on each paragraph.

Things We Wish Clients Would Say

Things We Wish Clients Would SayYesterday I tweeted the following: “On current client project, client says CSS only needs to work in Chrome. Let me know how jealous you are.”

The results weren’t too surprising. Below I brainstormed a list of some other things we wish clients would say. I guess this is the polar opposite of what you find here, except these quotes aren’t real. Enjoy.

CSS in Real Life (aka “CSS Puns”)

CSS In Real LifeLet’s have some fun with CSS selectors, properties, and values. All the rule sets shown here contain valid CSS that represent things in real life.

A few sensitive subjects represented here, but they’re not meant to cause offence. Just some CSS silliness. Enjoy.

[insert new technology here] is the New [insert old technology here]

SemanticsI wanted to tweet this, but it was too long for Twitter so I thought I’d just post it as a short piece for the weekend.

For those who haven’t seen the news announcing changes to the HTML5 spec on the WHATWG blog, be sure to read that and some of the comments.

But the funniest and most brutally honest comment belongs to someone posting under the name “Hamranhansenhansen”.

5 Jobs I’d Prefer Over Web Design

Pseudo-FruitsThis is not a knock against my current area of work. I love what I do, and I don’t intend to change. But I think most of us think about what we might do (or what we might have done) if web design wasn’t in the equation.

In this case, though, I’m taking it a little further. Instead of just saying “here’s what I’d do if I couldn’t do web design”, this is actually a list of legitimate jobs that I would rather have if I could jump into them immediately and not do anything related to the field of web design. These are not necessarily in preferred order.